Cool find: Instagram photo book

Ever wonder what on earth to do with all of those instagram photos you take with your iPhone?

Me too. I have a few hundred lurking somewhere in the hard drive space on my phone. Their mostly candid snapshots I’ve taken while out and about with my phone, like this one of my oldest son in absolute heaven sitting in a real fire engine:

Or this adorable series of my littlest polar bear playing in the melting snow:

I love scrolling through them on my phone when I’m standing in line or waiting around. But it made me a little sad that these snapshots of random cuteness seemed destined to a digital existence only.

Now a neat little company called Keepsy makes it easy to actually DO something with all of those instagrams on your phone. With a few mouse clicks you can create a beautiful, glossy album of your favorite instagrams very inexpensively (starting at $30).

Here’s a little video from their site so you can see more.

This would make a great Holiday gift if you’re scratching your head & wondering what to get a spouse, roommate, or even a parent…

I think this is pretty neat. What do you think?