Free printable kid’s morning routine chart

Mornings are hectic. Having to get kids up and ready for school makes it even more so.

But they become a whole lot easier once your child learns how to adopt a positive morning habit…and do it on autopilot.
Use this chart to reinforce four simple behaviors with your child. The routine can be done before or after breakfast, whichever comes more naturally for your family. Reward your child with a sticker each day he completes his routine successfully. After five or ten consecutive days of success, celebrate with high-fives and a special treat.

Click here to download the ONE WEEK chart

Click here to download the ONE MONTH chart

  • Julia Ferre

    Great article. I will say, however, that the chart doesn’t include really important tasks like eating breakfast, packing backpack, getting to school on time. 

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  • Leslie

    LOVE IT!!  This is the perfect chart for my 4 year old who cannot read and only has a few things he can do on his own! Thank you!

  • Almirons

    Thanks so much!  This is great!

  • Ruth

    I like this chart but have had to make my own as this doesn’t include the weekends and I feel it’s important to establish the habits for ALL days of the week, not just school days.

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  • Miriam

    It is super cute. I tried it with my son who is really struggling with mornings. He did great until breakfast and he just wanted to brush his teeth. So maybe a few more steps would be good, like eat breakfast and pack back pack. Thanks for the free printables though. They rock!

  • TJC

    What about Saturday and Sunday? It’s bad to break routines over weekends!!

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