Cool Find: Hanger Hamper

Easily recycle hangers with the Hanger Hamper!

If you are anything like me, there is a place in your closet (or closets) where there is a mess of hangers that are knotted up and taking up more air space than they should.

One clever company has come up with one way to help organize and recycle these wire beasts. The Hanger Hamper is an awesome little triangle container with handles designed to store hangers neatly for temporary storage before recycling.

Stores very neatly in a corner of the closet. Nice price point too – $9.98. Look for it at

Also, aside from my personal trauma with hangers, did you know there is the impact on the rest of the world to consider?…

3.5 BILLION hangers end up in landfills in the US every year!