6 creative drop spots for the foyer-challenged

Where do you put your keys when you walk in? How about the mail or coats?

If you have a home that’s got a small, or no, foyer, I’m guessing the answer is, “um…the kitchen table?”

The problem is, when you don’t have a spot right where you walk in the door for the mail, your keys, phones, coats, and the like – you’re going to have clutter trouble in the rest of your house. Because, people, those things have to go somewhere.

And that somewhere is almost never a closet or storage bin you have somewhere else.

Seriously. I can’t underline the importance of having a drop spot enough.

I’ve seen up close and personal the chaos that always ensues when a drop spot is missing. Sadly, the chaos drives too many otherwise well-intentioned folks to just plain give up on the prospect of ever being organized.

They get frustrated that their kitchen table is always buried beneath a layer of craplets, or that their counters, couches and chairs are perpetually choked with stuff.

They get tired of picking up the same, gosh-darn mess week after week.

So they give up.

If that describes you, it’s time to stop beating your head against the wall. There are so many cute ways to create drop spots in foyer-less or foyer-challenged homes. Here are six of my favorites.

Buckets w/nails: The simplicity of this solution is just awesome. Cheap, cheerful…and so easy (and space efficient) that virtually anyone could do it. {via: Jen & Grant Morris}

Coat Rack: If you have a door that opens directly into a living space, look for a sculptural coat tree that will anchor the room. If you have young children, look for one with “branches” low enough for short arms. {via: My Home Ideas}

Framed Key Rack: Who wouldn’t want to hang their keys here? Functional and beautiful. {via: Home Life}

Hooks arranged in a fun way: Yes, here I go about hooks again. I just can’t help myself. They simply work. I love the artful arrangement of these hooks. {via: apartment therapy}

Pebble tray: There’s no reason discarded muddy boots or shoes should cause a problem. Just give them a resting place, like this beautiful pebble tray. {via: Martha Stewart}

Hanging table: No floor space? No problem. Hang a console table using brackets. {via: Pretty Haus}

Does the door you use most often open right into a living space? Have you done anything creative to carve out a little drop zone? If so, let me know – I’d love to hear! If not, is the clutter migrating to other areas of your house and making you nuts?