Procrastination Busting

An alarming 95% of us admit to procrastinating (and is the other 5% of the population really not procrastinating, or are they simply lying about it?). Are we biologically “hardwired” to procrastinate? Who’s worse at procrastinating: Women or men? When does procrastination become self-destructive (and can it ruin relationships?)? Is disorganization in children helpful or harmful? The Get Buttoned Up team examines all this and more!

Today, Sarah & Alicia talk about the problem of procrastination, how to overcome it and some surprising procrastination busting tips!

Join hosts Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore as they talk with Professor Piers Steel from the University of Calgary, the “World’s most foremost expert on putting off for tomorrow what should be done today,” and author of The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Getting Stuff Done.

In this episode, Sarah and Alicia subject themselves to Professor Steel’s procrastination survey—with intriguing results! How bad a procrastinator are you? Sarah and Alicia, with the help of Professor Steel, will help you find out how bad a procrastinator you actually are and “where your foibles might actually be.”

In this mentally-stimulating interview, Professor Piers Steel elaborates on what got him interested in the subject of procrastination, and why our collective problem with procrastination has experienced a five-fold increase over the past twenty years. Steel also examines the three leading causes of procrastination, and expertly defines what procrastination really is.

Most importantly, you’ll learn practical strategies for breaking the bad habit of putting things off. You’ll learn how to know your own limitations (“Are you doing too much?”), which computer programs are the most helpful for the severe procrastinator, how to differentiate between “what matters and what doesn’t,” and how to get over “the Big But Syndrome.” Stop putting off deadlines! Listen to this interview and start taking measures to keep yourself focused today!