Ask Your Guru: Cords are strangling me!

Cords are strangling me!

Does this sound like a problem you may have too? We received this email from Ginny:

“Every thing I own has a cord. I own four cameras. One got lost in Vienna but it’s cord, charger, and other parts are still here. They are all in one place but that place is one big jumble. I’d like some kind of doo-dad that would attach to the cord to identify it. Why don’t they come that way? Help, please…

Dear Ginny:
We totally understand your frustration! You know you have it bad when you have cords to items that you no longer own!

To identify your cords you can spend some money, or do it yourself! To DIY, you should label the cord and you can use something you probably have at home – like labels or masking tape. Then wrap the homemade label around one end of the cord (we suggest nearest the plug) and roll up the cord. To tie up the cord you can spend cash, or use what you have – rubber bands, hair ties, garbage ties, twine or string, etc. When not in use, you can store them in empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls.

Just pop the cord inside and label the outside of the roll. These can fit neatly in a drawer or cupboard and you can quickly find the cord you need for the electronics that you use most often. This is also great if you have tons of cords and nowhere to store them, put them in an unused suitcase and store it in an easily accessible closet! It’s wasted space anyway and if you don’t use the cords that often, or don’t want to look at them, it’s a good solution to keep them in one place, but out of sight!

If you want to purchase something to wrangle the cords, there are many on the market; here are just a few:

The Pinza cord holders can be found here.

This will help tie up your cords too!

There are even more online you can find, but perhaps this is the one that will work best for you:

Let us know if this helps!