May 17th is Pack Rat Day!

I think we all have a little pack rat in us somewhere, don’t you?

What are you squirreling away?

For me, it’s baby stuff, like little bathtubs, a giant Ziploc bag of onsies that fit no one, and bottles. Now I don’t think we’ll have another peanut, but I’m not ready to dump these things at the local consignment shop just yet. Problem is, I’m not sure I will be ready five or ten years from now either (and at that point, well, I’ll be well past the child-bearing age).

For my husband, it’s a few old computers. He has a fantasy that he’s going to turn his old Mac SE from college into a fish tank. He’s been talking a big game about that since he saw a how-to article in ReadyMade Magazine about four years ago. Let’s be honest, he’s been holding on to the darn thing since 1992. So I’ve got a hunch it’s sticking around a bit longer.

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It looks like the next generation of Welches also has a strain of the pack-rat gene too. My oldest son refuses to part with any of his Hot Wheels, including the snaggle-toothed ones missing a wheel (or three) and my youngest son would throw one heck of a temper tantrum if one of his 20 or so bouncey rubber balls was tossed.

I guess today is a day for us to celebrate!

Hmmmm. How does one celebrate National Pack Rat Day?

How do you think we should celebrate? Should we toss those offending items out once and for all? Decide that we’re going to stop worrying about or feeling guilty for holding on to them from now on?

I’m thinking that, in honor of the occasion, we should just avoid throwing anything out all day. Then maybe tomorrow, when it’s all over, we should let go of at least one or two things from those piles.

What about you? Are you a pack rat? What is it that you are holding on to?