Have your sink and storage too

10 Storage Ideas

Though the look of a pedestal sink is sleek and modern, you might find that you’re sacrificing a good amount of much needed storage space in exchange for style. There are different ways to have the best of both worlds though, as we found out when researching how to make a pedestal sink enhance instead of hinder your bathroom storage.

A curtain to match the décor in your bathroom might be just the trick to turn the space around the base of your sink into extra room for your items. {via www.athome24.com]

Installing a medicine cabinet above your sink is an easy way to add some extra storage, without taking up floor space. {via projects.ajc.com}

A unique rack design keeps your towels handy right where you need them the most. {via www.everyfaucet.com}

Decorative and stylish, a cabinet fitted to go over your toilet can make use of space in an unexpected place. {via luxuryhousingtrends.com}

A wrap-around rack might be just the trick to keeping your loose bathroom products in order. {via www.bednbathgallery.com}

A slim set of stylish shelves can add a good amount of room for towels, plants, tissues, and anything else you might have. {via www.decorpad.com}

Choosing a style with extra space on the sides leaves room for soap, mouthwash, etc. and a place to hang extra racks off of. {via www.faucetdirect.com }

Mounting a shelf/rack combo is a simple fix. {via www.actureans.com}

If you’re a DYI type of person, modifying an old table to fit around your sink can be an interesting way to give yourself some more space. {via tlc.howstuffworks.com}

An elegant shelf above the sink makes a place for your beauty products without overwhelming the wall space. {via jkhomestead.blogspot.com}

The possibilities are endless. Don’t look at the sink as something to work around and “deal with” when it comes to organizing your items, but rather something to play off of and use to express your own creativity and taste.