Putting the mom back in Mother’s Day

Putting the Mom Back in Mother’s Day

When is the last time you took your Dad to Father’s Day brunch? Probably never, right? Father’s Day is usually about letting Dad get away from it all. If you take a glance at the card aisle, you’ll find pictures of Dads tinkering with their tool boxes or swinging the clubs on a golf course. A day of fishing? Of course. What says Dad better than a day away from the family? At least that’s what Hallmark has us all believing. So why is it that Moms have to be feted with an overpriced and overcrowded brunch? Just when we could all use a little silent treatment, we’re supposed to be thrilled that we get to spend time together over Eggs Benedict. We’re not saying we don’t love our families, but it’s not Family Day, right? Why not take a hint from Father’s Day and let Mom do her own thing this Mother’s Day. If it’s about celebrating her, then all she really wants is some time on her own. Trust us. We know.

Stumped? Here are four ways to put the mom back in Mother’s Day. And for all you dad’s out there, yes, it’s your responsibility to figure out what to do with the kids while mom’s getting pampered.

1. Spa-aahh.

Nothing says “you’re the best mom” like a little pampering. It doesn’t have to be a weekend away at pricey spa…you can treat your mom to a manicure at your local salon. The goal is to make her feel special and, trust us, nothing quite boosts your mood like a sparkly new manicure and pedicure.

2. Put a Moratorium on Questions.

We know it’s hard to find your own pair of socks or pour your own glass of juice. But for one day, give yourself a challenge to do as much as you possibly can before shouting “Mommmmm!”

3. Give Her the Keys.

Throw her the car keys and let her just go. Don’t ask where’s she going (it might not be all that interesting). It doesn’t seem like much, but seriously if we could bottle the feeling of a Mom on the loose with a car all to herself, we might just solve the energy crisis.

4. Let Her Have Some Girl Time.

It’s been scientifically proven that women de-stress significantly when they spend time gabbing with their close friends. Coordinate with the families of a few of her BFFs so that they all get a few hours to hang out without having to keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

How would you like to spend your Mother’s Day? Any additional suggestions will be welcome! Let us know!