What are saving that’s just silly?

Looking around my house I got to thinking about things I hang on to that are just, well silly. Like jars.

All kinds of jars – Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce, you name it I cleaned it out and saved it. Why? Because I might need them! I like to use jars to capture the grease left in pans when cooking. I also have a couple with pasta noodles in them. I also put flower fertilizer/food in a jar. So I like jars for these things. But I had 20 (no, seriously, at least 20). Yeah, I know – kinda weird, bordering on a “problem” – so I recycled them. I now only have three empty ones! Much better and they fit nicely under the kitchen sink.

I also have lots of shredding to do. I typically toss the offending envelope into a bin to shred – only I never seem to get to the actual shredding part! So I end up with a cluttered mess. So here goes! And I recycle the shredding! Around the holidays I use it for packing when shipping gifts! But I think between now and then I will accumulate more to shred so I can let this go!

Then there’s my collection of phone books. Yep, I keep them from year to year. ‘Why?’ you may ask. I think that somewhere in the back of my mind I think that the most recent book may be missing some company I may need to get in contact with. Now, logically you’d think that they’d be in the new book if they were still in business. I didn’t say I was exactly logical! So again, here we go I kept 3 out of the 7 and no more duplicates (from 2005!). See, I even put them in my recycle bin!

That feels really good! Not only did I get rid of stuff I really don’t need to hang on to – but the clutter is gone AND they were all recycled! Win for me, win for the earth!

Do you have a lot of one thing that you really don’t need? Maybe one or two would do? Do you have a chore that keeps getting added to – like shredding – that if you took a little time you could clear out and get rid of? Let me know! I’d hate to think I’m the only one!