Organizing easter decorations

Springtime brings with it warmer weather and an urge to throw open the windows and air out the house. It also is the season for the Easter Bunny and Easter decorating. While it is always fun to decorate the house, taking down the decorations can be quite a chore. This year, start planning how you will organize your decorations for storage before you even put them up. Try the simple and inexpensive tips below to keep your Easter decorations organized.

Excellent Eggs

Do not spend money every year on those reusable plastic eggs that are so handy for decorating. Instead of tossing them in a bag and hoping for the best when you pull them out next year, take the time to organize them. Save your egg cartons and, after you spray them with a disinfecting spray and it has dried, store the plastic eggs inside. This may seem like overkill, but when you do not have to spend any money for next year’s eggs, you will be glad that you took the extra time. Storing them in egg cartons also makes it a lot easier to stack them in a plastic tub for storage.

You Light Up My Decor

There is nothing worse than pulling out the decorations for any holiday and finding that the string of lights is tangled in a heap. If you use strands of pastel or white colored lights for decorating during the Easter holiday, take the time to store them properly for next year. The easiest way to do this is to get a twelve-inch square piece of heavy cardboard. Do not spend money on the cardboard, instead rip it from a free box that you used to bring groceries home from the big super store. Make a one-inch notch on the top right and a one-inch notch on the bottom left. Slide one end of the light strand into the bottom notch and begin wrapping the cord around the cardboard. Keep wrapping tightly and try to keep the cord as separated as possible. Finish with the other end of the cord tucked into the top notch. Your lights will be neat and organized and very easy to store.

Table Linens

If you have special table linens that you like to use for Easter, protect them after the holiday is over. Once everything has been laundered and folded, place large pieces of non-acidic tissue paper between place mats, folds of a tablecloth, and napkins. Store them in a clean, fabric box that is both long and wide enough to accommodate their width and length. Store the fabric box in a secondary plastic bin for extra protection from moisture, mildew and mice.

By keeping your decorations neat and tidy when you put them away, you will find that decorating for Easter next year is an easy and enjoyable task. The simple steps above will keep your decorations in tip-top shape and make it much easier to store them in larger tubs or bins. Always use water and pest-proof containers for optimum storage protection.

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