Cool finds: Card star

So if you are like me, you can never find the right reward card when you need it. I have some on my key chains, some in my wallet but they never seem to be where I need them to be when I want to save money. Then I discovered Card Star. It is a free app for iPhone, blackberry, etc.. where you enter in your reward card info once and it stores it. Then when you are at a store and you have your phone, all that info is there. It makes savings a breeze and it gets rid of so much clutter and junk in my wallet. I also set it up for my husband so for the first time ever, he is saving money at the grocery store etc… Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Disclosure: Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and Card Star did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.