St. Patrick’s Day rainbow inspired organizing

St Patricks Day Rainbow Inspired OrganizingYou do not have to have the luck of the Irish to be good at organizing. In fact, anyone can take some simple St. Patrick’s Day ideas and turn them into a clever way to organize their home. If you are looking for storage that is a bit more colorful than traditional storage options, get inspired by a leprechaun’s rainbow and organize your house this St. Patrick’s Day.

The Rainbow Idea

Basically, a rainbow method of organizing means that each room in your home will have a color-coded storage system. For example, the living room may be designated as blue, the kitchen as red and the bedroom as green. By giving each room a different color, it will make it easier to sort and organize things around your home.

First Steps

Before you start de-cluttering, filing or re-arranging, purchase one basket, bin or tub in each of the colors that you have established. If it is difficult to find tubs that are the right color, use a piece of colored tape around the bin to distinguish it. Collapsible fabric cube bins are especially good for this, as they are usually a convenient size and can be folded when not in use. After you have your baskets ready to go, it is time to move on to the next step.

Put It Back

Once you have sorted a room, take one of the boxes for the other rooms and bring it to its ultimate destination. Put away the items that belong in there and empty the box out. Be sure that you actually put the items away, so that when you clean that room, you will not be moving those items twice.

Continue clearing out each room and putting things away in the same manner. Before long, every room in the house will be straightened and organized. The use of the rainbow inspired color-coded baskets will help you visually organize the clutter. If you want to keep the baskets out and sort through the items once a week, store them in a hall closet or utility room for easy access.

About the Author

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Do you color code when organizing? How do you do it? Let us know!