Thursday’s carrot: 30 extraordinary things happening right now

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

1. A baby is taking its first few steps without falling.
2. Two people somewhere in the world, are falling in love.
3. Somewhere, someone is admiring a breathtaking sunrise, and somewhere else, a surreal sunset.
4. A soldier of sorts is diligently fighting the fight so you don’t have to
5. Someone who suffered from a severe injury last year is back on their feet.
6. A small group of people are building something that will soon make the impossible possible.
7. Somewhere on Earth a double rainbow is stretched from one end of the horizon to the other.
8. One of the next Billboard-chart-topping musical artists is patiently rehearsing in her garage.
9. A piece of literature is being written that will eventually change your perspective on life.
10. A friend is helping a friend rise above thoughts of suicide.
11. People of various religious backgrounds are in temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship praying, wholeheartedly, for world peace.
12. An elderly couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
13. Two best friends are laughing so hard that they aren’t even making any noise.
14. A firefighter is running into a burning building to rescue a perfect stranger.
15. Someone in your hometown genuinely wants to be your friend.
16. A new mom is lying in a hospital bed and holding her baby twins for the very first time.
17. Someone is taking a shower and singing happily at the top of their lungs.
18. There is someone out there who smiles when they think of a specific moment they once shared with you.
19. An alcoholic just celebrated one full year of sobriety.
20. Volunteers in major cities all over the world are working at homeless shelters caring for those who are less fortunate than themselves.
21. A high school athlete just broke their own personal record.
22. Two teenagers just received their very first kiss ever from each other.
23. Someone is hugging a friend who desperately needs it.
24. Someone just placed their spare change in the charity collection cup at the grocery store.
25. A small group of friends are sitting around a table sharing funny stories and cheerfully reminiscing about the good old days.
26. Honest people are working for various government entities to help protect your basic human rights and civil liberties.
27. An emergency room surgeon is in the middle of saving his patient’s life.
28. Someone is holding the door open for the person behind them.
29. Someone out there is missing you and looking forward to your next visit.
30. We are reminded that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, and that there is beauty and wonder in everyday life.

(via half heartedly)

These are all so great and warm my heart. I love 3, 9, and 12. What are your favorites?