I found my old bucket list and it made me happy

Yesterday, just sitting at my desk, I swung my legs and kicked a piece of paper under my desk. What? I don’t have any papers on the floor so what could this be? Apparently it was in my top drawer and fell out – and was wedged half hidden, half showing at the rear of the desk.

Much to my surprise and delight it was a goals list from over 10 years ago!!! I must have written it in California before we moved back to Michigan.

It is a list of what I wanted out of life – a bucket list if you will. It was filled front and back! No date was on it but I could tell by some of the items on the list we were still in LA. So I read each item, laughed a little and checked off the stuff I had done.

Out of this huge list not too many were checked off – but still some were and they were ones I hadn’t expected to ever do (like learn stained glass or about antiques) so I was thrilled!

The Old Bucket List

What fun to see where my hopes and dreams once lied and to see which ones were still alive and which ones were not even on my radar anymore. And you know what – that’s okay. As I evolve as a person my wants, needs and dreams have changed. And I’m just fine with that!

Have you ever found a list like this? Did you find your bucket list has changed as you’ve changed? Let me know!