Cool Find: Click n Cook

Where do you keep your spatulas? On a hook? In a Kitchen Drawer?

If you want something more organized that takes up less space, you might want to check out Click n Cook.


A modular spatula system that makes organizing your food-flipping hand tools a whole lot simpler. The set comes with a stainless steel storage block, a sturdy ergonomic handle, and five detachable spatula heads: a classic flat spatula, a long and flexible slotted spatula for cooking fish, an extra-wide slotted spatula for when you can has cheezburger, a flexible mixer for mixing brownie batter, and a slotted spoon for stirring pasta. Just snap the attachment into the handle, cook up a storm and release with a click of a button when you’re done.

For $34.99, this looks like a good investment for a cleaner, more organized kitchen! Check It Out