Why I Love Panera Bread – What’s Not To Love?

Why I Love Panera Bread

My sister Dottie loves Panera Bread (www.panerabread.com). Whenever we would meet for lunch, Panera has always been her first choice. Unfortunately, we usually met with another sister and Mom and there was no Panera near them, so she endured.

So when I was asked to try out Panera, I immediately thought of Dottie and asked her to meet me at the one nearest her home for lunch. Now some of you may know that one of my New Year resolutions was to take time off for family and fun. This fit right into my resolution – and I knew it would be fun!

We found Panera to have a modern, warm and cozy feel. It was quiet – music was playing, but not annoying; we could carry on a conversation without yelling or even once saying ‘what?’

When it was our turn to order I ordered the ‘U Pick 2’ and had half an Asiago Roast Beef sandwich and a cup of their Broccoli soup with bottle water. Now, I am also trying to lose weight and knew before walking in that this was a “meal” for me. But I was delighted to see the caloric count clearly – dare I say proudly – displayed for all customers to see! So with the 100 calorie cup of soup, I felt pretty good splurging on a sandwich (350 Calories for 1/2!)! I know, I could have had one of their wonderful salads, but I was a little over salads that day and really wanted the Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich – having only half is my concession. Dottie had the Asian Chicken salad which she let me taste – and it was yummy!

The New Thai Chicken Salad!

This Panera expanded a couple of years ago and we sat in a room that was quiet and had a real fireplace! Dottie goes there often and she said small businesses actually go there for lunch meetings – they had tables pushed together for just this purpose. People around us were working on laptops and eating lunch.

I was impressed with the atmosphere – but it wouldn’t have mattered to me at all if the food was disappointing. It was amazing! Fresh baked bread! The soup tasted perfect. The U Pick 2 was just the right size for a lunch and very filling. Dottie loved her salad and had asked for chips instead of the bread so she could take it home. We scarfed it down! It was soooo good! The display of pasties and bread was simply mouth watering – maybe after I get down to the weight I want I’ll try some of the pastries – which is motivation for me!

So once again I went to Panera as I forgot to sign up for the MyPanera program (www.mypanera.com) which is a rewards program and so much more! I noticed a kiosk at our Panera (notice how it’s now mine too?) that you can register your card at immediately right in the store!

I walked in and, once again, the pastries, bread and aroma beckoned me forth! So I caved and bought the ham & swiss souffle for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Here’s what it looked like before I devoured it! Honestly, it was the most tasty breakfast I have had in a long time! Amazing!

When I got home I signed up for MyPanera and I already have a reward – a free Espresso Dring/Smoothie! Woo Hoo. Now I just have to go back again and get my reward. Maybe then I’ll try the low calorie Chicken soup, or the new breakfast sandwich, there are so many wonderful things to choose from I bet I can go there daily for a year and just be getting to the end of the menu!

The New Breakfast Power Sandwich

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If you want fresh and yummy, Panera is the place!

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