Six smart time-saving strategies

Who couldn’t use a little more time?

I know I sure could.

As we roll into the weekend, I thought I’d share six sites with you – each of which has a really smart strategy for saving time. Happy reading!

#1: Sleep Chart!

Anyone with a three-year-old in the house knows how clever they can be at delaying bedtime. Danielle over at the lovely blog Boys, Buildings, Books & Berries came up with an ingenious chart to help cut down on the nighttime shenanigans.

She hopes the chart will help her put a stop to all sorts of extra imaginative hoops her son had her or her husband jump through on any given night. It’s also a great tool for babysitters who may not know the usual routine. I say brilliant.

#2: Monthly Menus

Who wouldn’t love cooking just once a month – and still having home cooked meals every day? I met Once a Month Mom last year at Blissdom and was in awe of her approach to cooking. Basically she cooks every meal on one marathon cooking day so she has the rest of the month “off.”

I’m linking to her complete menu for the month of February. If you’re crunched for time and order out more than you’d like to admit, it’s definitely worth trying.

#3: Stop Checking Email First Thing in the Morning

I’ve posted about the benefits of turning off your incoming alerts before, but blogger Sid Savara says we’d be wise to go one step farther and ignore email all together in the morning.

Among other things, Sid says that checking email in the morning means you’re more apt to do what other people want you to do rather than what’s on your to-do list.

#4: Adopt a Nighttime Routine

I just never get tired of hearing how Kerry’s simple strategy helps her get out of the house in the morning without losing her mind.

She’d be forgiven if she did! She & husband, Des, were going for baby #3 and got identical triplets (a 1 in 250 million chance). Read more about her journey at Lyons Den Mom.

#5: Learn from Others

Sometimes all that’ needed is a little inspiration in the form of someone who manages to consistently get an awful lot done in a day. Check out Kevin’s suggestions on Life Hacker.

#6: Wear the Same Thing You Did Yesterday

How much time and energy do we waste digging through our closets in search of something to wear. What if you only had one outfit?

Christianna, creator of the beautiful blog Elegant Simple Life, put this idea to the test for 31 days and came away surprised and delighted.