Ask Your Guru: Problem Printing Life.doc Forms?

We received this inquiry from Wilmington, NC!

I cannot print life doc after I’ve entered the information. The
information appears on the page but not the ‘question’ printer says
‘outside margins’..what can I do to print the page in its entirety
location: wilmington nc

You may need to select the option “reduce to printer margins” when you are in the Printer Dialog Box. But it sounds like you just need to load the pages from your binder into your printer! You need to load your printer with the Life.doc pages that came with the binder – your information will print on those pages. The background of the forms you complete using your CD ROM will NOT print out and are not meant to print out.

If you still have a problem, please EMAIL us at and we’ll take additional steps to help you out!

Thanks for contact Buttoned Up!