Winners Announced for the Pretty Neat Organizational Tip Contest

Winners Announced for the Pretty Neat Organizational Tip Contest!

Bloggers throughout the blogosphere participated in a contest to review The Pretty Neat book and participate in a contest to share the best organizational tip or shortcut from their readers! We also had a contest where the blogger with the most comments on their post would win $250. The winning tip was selected by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, authors of Pretty Neat and co-founders of Buttoned Up. Believe us when we say it was not an easy task!

The results are in and we are amazed!

COMMENTS TOTALED 879! The winning blog is SimplyStacie with 601 qualified comments! We want to thank all who left comments; they were wonderful!

Winning Entry

After reviewing all 879 entries, the winner with the best organizational tip or shortcut, and is Still blonde after all these YEARS! We found this entry to be simple and easy for everyone and anyone to follow that we just had to pick it.

“I keep a large black tote bag in the car between the seats. Everything that I need in the car goes in there,(Wipes, kleenexes, umbrellas, books on tape, etc.). This works great for various reasons. As I go from car to car, I just need to move the bag. When I want to leave my purse or GPS in the car, I just throw it in the bag and it is concealed. Everything stays neat and organized and is not rolling all over the car.”

Join us in congratulating SimplyStacie and Still Blonde After All These Years for the win!

A Big Thank You

A big thank you goes out to all the bloggers who reviewed the book and/or participated in the contest. Below please find links to the related posts! Happy reading!