Unresolutions – Let Go of Those You Know You Won’t Keep

Unresolutions – Let Go of Those You Know You Won’t Keep

It can be tempting to come up with a long laundry list of ways to revamp your life in the New Year. But once the parties are over, the decorations are put away, and January is here, the harsh reality of a big list of resolutions is likely to cause some thoughts of I’llneversticktoitsowhystart – dooming you before you even begin. Most people start out with good, or even great, intentions, but did you know that 75% of people lose steam with their New Year’s resolutions within the first 6-12 weeks? Stop trying to be perfect! That’s right, we’re telling you to get our your list and the biggest eraser you can find and set to work. It doesn’t make any sense to set yourself up for disappointment, so take a long, hard look at the list and ask yourself some serious questions. What do I really want for myself this year? What can I realistically change or add given my current lifestyle? Instead of a zillion resolutions that won’t pan out, it’s much better to limit yourself and focus on the things that really matter (and that you can actually achieve!).

Sarah on “my 2011 plans”

“Ok, I’m the first to admit that my 2011 resolutions look a whole lot like the 2010 ones, but there’s nothing wrong with that! I was thrown a few curve balls last year but the biggest one was losing my mom. She was so full of life and healthy, so I’ve committed myself to making 2011 a year of honoring her memory. How am I doing that? By turning off any and all distractions, like iPhones and computers, when I am with people. Mom’s gift was being truly present…and that’s a legacy I’d be honored to uphold. I also plan to cook more homemade meals. We definitely relied on take-out more than I wanted to last year, but this year I am committed to cooking. I want my family to eat healthy meals and I want to break in my new kitchen more than just using the oven for heating things up!”

Alicia on “identifying my priorities”

“I am definitely a New Year’s resolution person. I love the idea of a do-over in anything and it’s a great way to look at the coming year by focusing on things that will improve your life. I occasionaly fall victim to the monster master list, though, and I plan to make my first resolution to tame my resolution making! Last year’s list was too big and this year, I’m making my list, checking it twice, and then keeping one. I just haven’t decided which one just yet!”

Here’s how to think about, focus, and achieve your resolutions:

1. Make that Big List.

And then get ready to cross most of it off. Sit down and brainstorm about all of the things in your life that you’d like to do. Exercise? Check. More me time? Check. Date night? Check. Keep in touch with college friends? Check. Get it all down

2. Take the Importance Test.

New Year’s resolutions are kind of like looking in the mirror. Who wouldn’t like longer eyelashes or blonder highlights, but what do you really care about? Look at your list and determine what really matters to you. If having a healthier 2011 is your primary goal, then tackle the resolutions geared toward that. If you’re thinking of more emotional health, focus on those resolutions.

3. Make a Cheat Sheet of Why’s.

Why do you want to lose ten pounds? It’s not just to fit into those skinny jeans. Maybe it’s because you want to run with your new puppy or just want to carry the groceries up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Make a list of every reason why you want to accomplish the goals and keep it at the ready for those moments you’re staring down a temptation or simply feel discouraged and want to give up.