In a hurry? Read this!

Anyone else out there feel the crush of “back to work/back to school/back to life full-tilt yesterday?

I sure did.

I woke up feeling like I was behind and stayed in that mindset almost all day, racing, racing to catch up. I powered through breakfast, one of my most sacred times with the boys, worried more about making a dent on the 100 foot mountain of laundry, the detrius of our wonderful vacation, than being present. I then proceeded to pack 10 errands in before a 10am meeting, raced home to dash off a few hundred emails before a noon call…and so on.


It sure didn’t feel very “Buttoned Up” – or pleasant.

So, rather than dash off a hundred or so “Happy New Year” cards like I thought I should after the little ones hit the hay, I played hookey and went to Stumble Upon in the hopes of finding something, anything that would lift me out of my funk.

Was it a sign from the universe that I happened upon a post titled How Not to Hurry by Leo Babauta, author of the Zen Habits blog? I think not.

If your first day back after a week or two off looked or felt like mine – you must read this post.

(this grasshopper still has much to learn :-))

Happy New Year!