Alicia’s 3 New Year’s resolutions

New Years Resolutions. Each year I make them and most years, I don’t keep them past February or March. Last year I tried something different that worked well which was to only focus on 3 things and put some concrete milestones to success around them. Since it worked in 2010, I am trying it for 2011. So here….in no particular order…are my 3 new years resolutions. Since I am sharing them with you and will give you updates on how I am doing, please help me stick with them:

-I will exercise at least 4 days a week

-I will talk about things to my husband, family and friends at least once a week that are hard for me to talk about like my 90 year old mom and her declining health.

-I will take at least one full weekend day off from email and work

Simple but not easy to do…I am determined that these will be things that by March are habits and part my regular routine. I would love to hear what your resolutions are as well.