Holiday Scramble

Does your family do the Holiday Scramble? You know, its when you scurry to and from relatives on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and still try to establish a family tradition for your own kids. It’s tough isn’t it?

My family found a way around this by agreeing to reduce the stress of the Holiday. Since my mom is in Arizona during the Holidays, we decided it was not important when we get together, but that we still get together!

So, we get together the first Saturday AFTER Christmas. This allows the wonderful in-laws we have time to visit their families, either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas. The families of our in-laws love this too! There’s no deciding who to spend the Holidays with – it’s a win/win every year! We find it reduces the stress by at least a third.

And the kids love it! They get to see one side of the family, have their own family Christmas with Mom & Dad and then get to see the other side of the family! Christmas for them lasts, and lasts, and goes on forever!

We rotate where the Furie Christmas will be held. We each bring a dish assigned to us by the host/hostess. Whoever holds the party is responsible for the main dish (Turkey usually) and for keeping their tree up until our party is over. It’s great fun and relaxing for everyone.

So if you are looking for a way to see everyone, consider having and After Christmas get together and reduce your stress in the process.