Better Organize Your Work Style With Smead Organomics

Better Organize Your Work Style With Smead Organomics

I received an email, probably like many of you, from SMEAD Organomics asking “What is YOUR work style?” That’s a good question.

The email listed the possible styles: visually oriented, detail oriented, goal oriented, team oriented and task oriented. Like you I could probably check each category depending on the situation. So I followed up to see what style I most closely resembled.

I was sent to THIS page and decided my problem is with the To-Do Later Items. I am usually good on projects, meetings, To Do Now items, the Immediate Reference items and Future Reference items, but the To Do Later items I needed some help with.

What types of things do you need help with?

Then the survey asked more questions– like how do you like to work and what style best fits you. After some thought I realized that my style is Task Oriented, at least on a daily basis there are tasks I MUST do to keep on track. It may be something else for you. (‘Task Oriented: a natural organizer. You quickly see things in steps and categories. You don’t like random thinking.’ – true for me!)

The result: Three principles to follow when organizing To Do Later items:
1. Separate
2. Schedule
3. Follow – up

Three different ideas on how to accomplish these principles was listed at the bottom of the page. Each followed the principles, but was different enough to match anyone’s needs. I loved it! For each idea Smead Organomics outlined specifically how to organize the process from start to finish. They didn’t just say ‘use this product.’ The pages also included links to additional posts to make sure you get the To Do Later items done and a link to prioritizing! Both were very helpful. And if you wanted to purchase the items listed in the idea from SMEAD you could be directed to their shopping page.

Okay, so what if my To Do Later items are the problem and I’m not task oriented, I’m visually oriented. Would they still suggest the same ideas and principles? So I tested it out! The principles were the same, which makes sense, they are sound principles. But the ideas were different! They also had a link to the other posts I mentioned, plus one about using color coding. Really smart approaches!

So I just had to do it – I went to all the problems listed and looked through all the organizing styles and the solutions. No matter what the issue, SMEAD Organomics has a solution, links to other posts about how to be more organized for every situation. They take it to the next step and beyond!

I don’t know about you, but I love to be organized and hate to drop any balls because my system or process didn’t work (I am the Chief Juggler after all!). Check it out and see if their suggestions help you out too!

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and Smead did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.