Organize Yourself to Live a Life of Meaning

Searching for Meaning

2010 has been a brutal year for me. It started off well enough, I took baby steps towards making my good intentions a reality and hit major milestones, like finishing our second book and handing it into the publisher. But on July 5th, my world came crashing down. My mom, step-brother and his wife were killed when the plane my mom was piloting home from a long holiday weekend in upstate New York crashed on landing. All three were gone in an instant.

My summer was spent in a daze. First the waves of shock hit and protected me from feeling, and then the grief really settled in. I wandered aimlessly, going through the motions, but unsure of how to make sense of my new reality.

When something like this happens, it is only natural to ponder…to pray…that you will find your way out of the darkness. So I did. A lot. And I have been rewarded with a sense of purpose that is profound.

The Meaning of “Organized”

As any Buttoned Up reader knows, I have always been passionate about getting organized. Not to please others or to look good, but to give yourself that sense of peace that comes with having your stuff together. But the events of this summer connected me with an even more profound sense of purpose around this issue of getting organized.

The real reason to get organized (and help others do the same) is so that we are prepared for the present moment. Because that is all we have. It is time to stop borrowing from right now because we’re worried about the 50 other things we have to get done later. It creates a deficit that you will never overcome. It is time to get organized in a way that truly enables us to be present with the people we love, doing the work we love, or just being 100% wherever we are right now.

Thank you mom for living your life that way and for giving me the gift of totally focused time with you. May all that I do from here forward carry forward your example in a way that inspires others to do the same.