Inspiration from Around the Blogosphere

Earlier today, I wrote about the true meaning of getting organized.

The spark that got me writing about it was a blog post by Myra Hope at My Blessed Life.

She has made a commitment to making November (and by extension this crazy Holiday season) about giving by participating in the 30 Day Giving Challenge. She also wrote in another post about how she was going to be doing fewer, more thoughtful posts – something that struck me as the kind of approach to time management we should all think about. Doing fewer things, better, enables us to be truly present. I personally love the idea of making these next 30 days (even though I’m starting late!) all about giving.

To learn more about the 30 Day Giving Challenge or make your own commitment, go here.

Another blogger that continues to amaze me is Lu Ann Cahn, a reporter at NBC in Philadelphia.

She is a two-time cancer survivor who started a blog last year titled One Year of Firsts. The idea is, every SINGLE day she does something new that she has never done before. Her wide-open curiosity and willingness to break out of the everyday rut is truly inspiring.

What would your life be like if you tried one new thing every day?