Guest Guru: Alyssa Davis – 3 Holiday Displays Made from Greeting Cards

3 Holiday Displays Made from Greeting Cards

By Alyssa Davis of

There are a handful of national holidays, and most of them are commemorated with cards, but the most popular holiday for card giving and receiving is Christmas. Colorful, whimsical, spiritual and nostalgic, holiday cards are always fun to receive. When just a few cards are exchanged, displaying them is not a problem. They can stand on a mantelpiece or tabletop to commemorate the day, but when there are more cards than room on the mantelpiece, a creative solution is needed to display them for everyone to enjoy.

Some people use their Christmas card to update all of their friends and family on all that has happened over the past year. Some people send hand crafted Christmas cards so it is like displaying a little piece of artwork. Then there are all of the other colorful, gold gilded and glitter dusted cards, each lovingly sent to be viewed by the family over the holidays.

Here are some ideas for holiday cards so that they can be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Hang a Garland

A really fun way to display greeting cards is to create a garland and hang it on the wall. The garland can be hung in any room, over the fireplace or streaming down the hallway. A greeting card garland can easily be constructed from a piece of string and some paperclips. To hang the garland, tack a length of string to the wall ensuring that the string is rather taut. Then use red and green colored paperclips to attach the card, at the upper left corner under the fold, to the string. Cards can be displayed randomly, or they can be displayed by size, subject or color. For a very long garland, an extra tack may be needed in the center to support the weight of the cards, or two or three garlands can be fashioned to hold a great number of cards.

Frame a Doorway

Another unique way to display holiday cards is to use them to frame a doorway. This decorating technique lets everyone see the cards as they pass through the doorway, and the cards can be organized by color, size or subject matter to frame different doors in the house. Add a large, red or gold bow at the top center of the doorway for an extra touch of festivity.

Cover a Cabinet

Holiday postcards and photo cards can be displayed on the pantry door in the kitchen. Typically photo cards are from good friends and close family, so they can be enjoyed in the more casual parts of the home. By adding colorful, holiday cards to kitchen cabinet doors, the lively feeling of the holidays can be enjoyed even as preparations are being made for the festivities.

Holiday cards are a link to friends and family, and sometimes there are cards that are simply too wonderful to discard. These cards can be saved from year to year as favorites, and by displaying them in thoughtful ways in the home, they lift the spirits making the holiday season even more special.

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