Organize Yourself to Get Out Holiday Cards on Time

Organize Yourself to Get Out Holiday Cards on Time

Some of you may have taken our advice in July and already snapped up Christmas cards on sale, but if you skipped over that article while sipping lemonade, don’t worry. We’re here to tell that you a little planning now will keep you from freaking out once December rolls around. We’re not saying that you need to actually mail the cards now, but taking a few steps to get yourself ready will definitely save you some time, and a headache, later.

Sarah on “making traditions work for us”

“My husband and I both have large families, so I always groan a little when I realize that Christmas is coming. Between all of the parties and gifts, we’ve decided that trying to get out cards is impossible. The problem is, my husband and I love creating our card and sharing it with family, so we decided that doing away with the tradition isn’t going to happen. Instead, we’re starting our own new tradition and sending out New Year’s cards instead. After the holidays, January can be quiet, so it’s a perfect time to sit down and do our cards. We’re finding that people pay more attention to them after the holidays because they actually have the time to look at them.”

Alicia on “card craziness”

“I am a sucker for anything festive and so is my husband, so we take our cards very seriously. Each year, we try to outdo ourselves from the previous year. We do a different theme each year, so the year we moved to California we superimposed our faces on the bodies of Malibu Beach Barbies (my husband’s head was superimposed on Ken’s body). Everyone got a kick out of it and it was a fun way for us to mark the year’s transition. I’m not telling what we’re doing this year – you’ll have to wait and see!”

Three ways to Get Organized in October:

1. Select Cards or Photo.

Unless you have a tiny infant, you’re not going to change much between now and December. If you’re creating a photo picture, take your photo now and have it ready. You can even order the cards this week and have them ready to go in early December.

2. Get that Address List in Top Shape.

Now is the time to gather those scraps of paper with new address labels and put them all together in one spot. It’s ok if you’re not putting them in an Excel spreadsheet, but just be sure that all of the addresses are together in one place.

3. Address the Envelopes.

Don’t stamp them, since postage rates can change, but it’s ok to go ahead and address the envelopes to the people on your list. Not only will you be ready to pop them in the mail before most people have even started thinking about Christmas, but you might even have legible handwriting since you won’t be rushing!