Guest Guru: Alyssa Davis – Spooky Food and Ghostly Décor for a Halloween Party

Spooky Food and Ghostly Décor for a Halloween Party

By Alyssa Davis of

Throwing a Halloween party is a ton of fun whether you are a little kid or all grown up. Halloween is probably the most fun type of party to decorate, because decorations are best when they are really outrageous and over the top. Any frightening thing that can be imagined is fair game for a Halloween party. While most parties try to impress with the taste of the food that is served, Halloween impresses with the visual presentation of creepy edible offerings, where the menu is really just an extension of the eerie decorations, delighting party goers with fanciful culinary creations.

Over the Top Decorations

When decorating for a Halloween party make sure to hang plenty of spiderwebs with the spider ready to pounce on anyone who disturbs the web. Goblins that fill the air with eerie howls when their motion sensors are triggered help to continue the spooky theme. Cover furniture with white sheets to give the appearance of ghostly beings hovering all around, and hang apple heads from the ceiling with pushpins and fishing line.

Make sure to add eerie lighting throughout the space. Use dry ice or a fog machine to create an unsettling haze in the room, so guests seem to pop in out of nowhere. Keeping the lights dim with lots of up lighting and even a strobe light sets the stage for a perfect Halloween party.

Make sure to have a spooky soundtrack playing softly for ambient noise when the music dies down, and create a monstrous CD mix featuring, The Monster Mash, to keep the party howling. Carve jack-o-lanterns that have a lot of personality and place them throughout the party. Definitely make sure a superb, carved pumpkin graces the buffet table.

Spooky Foods

Be creative in the kitchen and make spooky foods to serve to party guests. Place a bowl of blood red Hawaiian Punch on the table with an ice hand floating in it. To make ice hands, simply fill a rubber glove up with water and store it in the freezer. Then remove the glove and float the hand or hands in a bowl of bloody punch.

Fashion some gummy worm cupcakes, “finger” sandwiches, “devil”ed eggs, gut filled tacos, and eyeball fondue (meatballs dipped in barbecue sauce). Any food can be turned into horrible, Halloween food with just a little imagination, so take a favorite menu and convert it to ghastly Halloween food. For example, instead of just serving hot dogs on buns, wrap the hotdogs in crescent roll strips leaving just a little “face” sticking out. Pop the mummy dogs in the oven for a few minutes, and then just before serving, pop on a pair of confectionary eyeballs (the kind that are used on ice cream cones). Or place a sliced pimento stuffed olive on top of a small mozzarella ball for creepy, eyeball appetizers.

Taking it over the top at a Halloween party is as much fun for the host and hostess as it is for the Halloween guests, so for the next Halloween party get creative and really “knock ’em dead”.

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