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Creating a Color Coded Calendar

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Is keeping track of events and who needs to be where and when making you crazy? If so, it is time to start organizing your family’s calendar with some color. By color coding events, you will be able to look quickly at the family control center and see who has activities on each day. The method is simple and the results make your life much easier.

To Each Their Own

Start by assigning each family member a different color pen or marker. Whether your family calendar is on a dry erase board or a paper calendar makes no difference, as the color coding can be done on any area you use. Try to choose colors that are distinctly different instead of shades of blue or variations on pink. This will make it easier to distinguish each person’s activities.

Mark It Down

Next, gather everyone’s schedules for the month. Write down every event, from swim practice to the gardening club meeting, using the coordinating color for each person. For example, if little Joey’s baseball practice is on Saturday at noon, record it on the calendar in blue, if that’s Joey’s assigned color. Try to record the events for each person, one at a time for the entire month, so that the colors stay in the same order on the days. When you glance at the calendar it will be easier to then quickly see who has activities on that day.


The key to making a color coded calendar, or any calendar, work for you and your family is to update it frequently. Keep a small cup or hanging pocket on the wall next to the calendar with all of the markers or pens in it. As events come up, add them to the calendar right away using the appropriate color for each person. When you have the time, update the calendar as far ahead as possible. This will save you time in the long run and make it easier to plan for future events.

A color coded calendar is a great way to remember important events, because it makes the information easy to see and manage. A quick glance can tell you who has something going on during the day besides the normal routine. Whether you are trying to plan dinners or a date with your husband, knowing quickly what is going on from day to day will make planning a lot easier.

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