Cool Find & Special Offer: Get organized with

Do you have receipts all over the place or stored in a shoebox? You don’t have to live with the clutter of receipts. You can get organized with – they will scan them and have them available for you online!

Simply mail your receipts, business cards, and other documents to using their postage paid envelopes. Or you can send in photos of receipts and cards with your mobile phone or via their iPhone app. And they also take email receipts.

When Shoeboxed receives a document they scan it, human-verify the data that it contains, then categorize and organize the document online in a secure account. After your documents are processed into your Shoeboxed account, everything is ready to be viewed, printed, emailed, downloaded, or exported from your account in a wide variety of formats including PDF, Excel, CSV, QuickBooks, and Quicken file types. You can also integrate your Shoeboxed data with our growing number of partners including FreshBooks, Outright, Evernote,, BatchBook, Constant Contact, and many more.

So you don’t have to live with the clutter anymore! Give a try!

Special Offer: is offering a one month free trial to the first 5 Buttoned Up readers who call 888-369-4269 (ask for Justin) or email ( and mention Buttoned Up – Hurry so you are one of the first 5!