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Organizing Your Home Office/Guest Room

By Jessica Ackerman of

When space is at a premium and the guest room is also your home office, organization is the key to maintaining your sanity. While it may seem impossible to seamlessly transition the functions of the room, it is actually quite simple. Use the quick and easy storage and organization solutions below to get you started.

Out of Sight

The easiest way to create a home office/guest room is to invest in a piece of furniture that hides a main component of the room’s other purpose from sight. What that means is that instead of a big, open desk; invest in an office armoire that can be closed up when you are not working. It can also mean purchasing a sofa bed for the room as opposed to a large queen bed. When the room looks like it only has the one purpose, it becomes much calmer and more comfortable. The key is to make sure that the pieces coordinate with one another and also provide a sense of welcome in either situation.

Covered Storage

As tempting as it may be to store piles of paperwork on the desk or display guest towels on a hanging rack, in a shared space the best scenario is to store items out of sight. Decorative storage boxes are a great option for doing this. They boxes can be stored on a shelf or stacked beside the bed as an impromptu side tale. An armoire is a great piece for storing anything from office supplies to sheet and towels behind closed doors. Bed linens and tax paperwork can both have their space in the room, but no one needs to know. Be sure to label the boxes so that you can find the items that you need later on.


When decorating a room that doubles as a home office and a guest room, be sure to consider comfort. While it may seem counterproductive to make a home office extremely comfortable, with soft furniture and calming colors, it will actually make the space a more productive area. While having a comfortable desk chair is essential, it is also appropriate to include a relaxing arm chair and ottoman if there is space. Design with comfort in mind to create a space that can be enjoyed no matter how it is being used.

Do not let your home’s small floor plan keep you from creating a shared space. A guest room and home office can co-exist peacefully with some pre-planning and creative storage ideas. Once the room is done, you and your guests may never want to leave.

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