Lessons To Learn About The Best Teachers

I came across a great new book, Simply The Best: 29 Things Students Say The Best Teachers Do Around Relationships (by K Middleton & E Petitt) and I really love it!

It is the perfect pick me up to look at before you get into the Back To School Madness. Here are just a few of my favorite things that the best teachers do:

1. Come see us perform in activities beyond the school day.

Lucy’s teachers came to her play this year and it is something she is still talking about.

2. Tell us they believe in us and work with us to be successful.

I still remember my public speaking teacher Mr Anderson. He was amazing and helped me get over severe stage fright.

3. Speak to us.

They say hello and goodbye. Who doesn’t want to be treated like a person?

4. Give meaningful work.

They know we do not like word searches, worksheets or busy work. This was Lucy’s favorite one!

Pick up the book. You will really enjoy it. It is also great to share with your kids as well.