Guest Guru: Cheryl Brazier – A new home for my earrings

A new home for my earrings

By Cheryl Brazier of

I have this thing about losing ear rings. Yes, sometimes I’ll lose one while wearing them. That is because the hole in one ear is larger than it’s suppose to be, due to wrong instructions given to us by the store employee whom pierced my ears, so the earrings often work themselves lose or free.

But I also have problems with losing my ear rings, here at home, right in my bed room. Yes, I had designated one little drawer in the stand up jewelry box I had picked up for earrings. But sometimes I would be searching for one particular pair in a hurry, and in the process of trying to find the two matching ones, lay ones whom weren’t part of that pair out on top of my dresser. And it was from there they would vaporize. Yes, vaporize.

Sometimes I would gather them all up and dump them right back in their little drawer. But other times I was out of time and would just leave them there, figuring I could tuck them away later. Sometimes ‘later’ happened when I returned to my room. Other times a lot of time had passed till ‘later’ actually happened. And by then, this or that earring would come up missing. Not MIA, because what action do earrings have while sitting on your dresser?! They are just laying there doormet, right? I’m not so sure.

Let me interrupt myself right here and state that NO, I DO NOT THINK MY “BOYS” WERE WEARING THEM! True, Byron does have one ear pierced, but it’s high on his lobe, and while he has at times lost his and asked to borrow my tiny hoop one, he would never wear one of my dangling pink ones!!! Nor my pearls. Nor any of my other ones for that matter.

At times I have seriously questioned Rascal about messing with stuff in my room, but he just gives me these “I can’t believe your saying such a thing human” looks.

Sometimes I have found the missing one lying on the floor, or under the dresser or bed like they had gotten kicked there (or Rascal had dropped them there after playing with them?), or down in a basket of laundry sitting in front of the dresser. But other times, like I said, it’s like they have totally vaporized!

I know that part of the problem comes with how full the top of my dresser is. My small TV is on there, and the stand up jewelery box, and our alarm clock (didn’t work having it next to the bed). So it’s a full surface, and things can be bumped around unknowingly. But having earrings totally disappear really bothers me.

Rather recently Brent’s girlfriend Kayla had brought over some older magazines she thought I might enjoy. It took me a while to be able to, but I am now enjoying them.

One of them was the January 2009 issue of Family Circle. Starting on page 23, they had a feature article titled “55 Ways To Clear The Clutter”. Seeings how such articles always intrigue me, and these were all suggestions/ideas sent in by readers, I slowly started reading through them. I got as far as number forty one (41) and got all excited!!! I was inspired by the idea that ‘Alicia Rockmore, founder of Buttoned Up, Inc.’ had submitted. Her idea read, “Turn clean cardboard egg cartons into drawer organizers for jewelry and other small things that tend to get misplaced.” The editors must have really liked this idea too, because they included a quarter page picture of the idea in use.

Due to our recycle bin not having been put out in awhile, I was able to retrieve a couple of institutional sized cardboard egg trays (they hold two and a half (2 1/2) dozen eggs). Armed with those and a box opener, I headed up to my room to put the idea to use. I had decided that since what I stored in one of the small upper drawers of my dresser was easily stored elsewhere, I would try converting it into a ear ring drawer.

There really wasn’t much in the drawer, but Kate, you know that CD you made me back when, which I had looked for and could not find? Yeah, it was in there. Yes, I had looked in there. Again, I blame Rascal o;-p.

Turned out, I didn’t have to do any cutting what-so-ever :-). It was like the egg tray had been specifically designed for that drawer. As the Colonel would say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

While I don’t wear larger sized hoop earrings, I did use one of the pairs out of the dress up stuff to show you how the trays would easily work for that style too.

I know that most of you do not have the perfect size drawer to implement this idea in. I’m sorry! However, I bet you could find a way to use the idea anyways. Perhaps just sitting in a larger drawer with other stuff beside it. or perhaps on a shelf in your closet or bathroom. Or… … Think!!! I know you’ll be able to come up with something!!!!

Author Cheryl Brazier (PinkBunnie) and Brian (a Muppets fan as Kermit the Frog)(they have to do with ‘sanity’ issues ;-p)