The Easy Way to Get Organized by Piles!

The Easy Way to Organize by Piles!

I like to have my office neat; things where I can find them. This is why I always thought that I was a “filer” – I file things away in a system that works for me. And when I do, my office IS neat.

It’s that transitional stage from getting a piece of paper and actually filing it that is my problem. I had piles to go through for work, for personal, for Mom, bills to be paid with a check, bills to be paid online, people to follow up with, bills to file, correspondence to reply to, yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea – lots of piles!

I tell myself that they are organized that I can find anything I need. So not true! It still will take me several minutes to determine if it’s in a pile, which one or did I already file it? And where do the piles sit? All over the office!

Well, Pendaflex has a trio of products that help the chronic and not so chronic piler to get organized. I’m all for that!

PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray

My salvation came in the form of the PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray from Pendaflex. It’s not just a tray, it has hard plastic dividers that have tabs on the side and what I would call the top (depends how you have it on your desk) and they are wonderful. They are sturdy enough to keep the papers separated and flexible enough to not worry about breaking. You can write on the tabs and erase if you make a mistake or change your mind on what the tab should be (every women’s prerogative!). The tray is made of durable acrylic and is slightly slanted towards the back corner to keep your papers looking neat (and it actually does that!) The dividers are sturdy enough to help lift your papers. I labeled mine, QuickBooks, Orders, Projects, To Do, File and Pending. NOW all my piles are in one place, clearly labeled until they get filed! Now I truly feel organized!

The PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray won the “Organizer’s Choice Award for Best Business Product at the 2007 annual NAPO Conference, and I can see why! For more info go HERE.

PileSmart® Binder Label Clips

The next thing I tried out was the PileSmart® Binder Label Clips. I usually only use clips when I have to sort or when I have lots of papers for one project, but I just may start to use them for more things! I usually separate different areas of a project with a sticky note – so everything within a pile is clearly marked. And I am finding that the write-on tab of these clips is a godsend – no more sticky notes to fall off my pile or get stuck to another pile! The labeled portion is high enough to go above the papers so you can easily glance at a pile and find the section you need. Cuts down on pile search time too. They come in 1/4” and ½” capacity. If you are a true pile person, or have complex projects that would need to be kept sorted, this is for you! You can get more info click here.

PileSmart® View Folders with Write-On Tabs

The final product I was asked to look at was the PileSmart® View Folders with Write-On Tabs. I love organizational tools that are versatile! Boy, I could have used these folders when we all traveled a lot! I like that they are clear color coded and have labels you can add to the tabs that can be written on. Being see through, you can easily find the document or paperwork you need – quickly. They can hold up to 75 sheets – more than enough for travel itineraries, meeting schedules, notes, etc. for traveling business people. The surface is textured so papers won’t slip out. Since they fit into hanging folders, I can just file them after the trip is over and everything is in one place. They are also great for parents to keep track of kid schedules, games, papers, and a myriad of other planning and daily activities! I may use them to keep track of my recipes too! Or maybe I’ll sort by person so they know what is theirs! I can see the PileSmart View Folders with Write-On Tabs being helpful for office or home! For more information, click here.

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