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The Modern Jewelry Box

Good morning, Buttoned Up readers! This is Lexi from Love.Obsess.Inspire. (LOI). I’m delighted to be blogging with you here today and truly hope you fall in love and find a little inspiration in what I have to share…

When the lovely ladies of Buttoned Up approached me to be a guest-blogger, I was more then honored and excited, I was thrilled! As I began to rack my brain for the perfect posting topic, I instinctually reached for the mini-gold heart charms link to my favorite necklace (I do this whenever I’m deep in thought) and it hit!! The answer was behind one of my daily habits… jewelry and how to store it! So today, I would like to share with you some fabulous ways to store your family jewels. Enjoy!

Images from Real Simple Magazine and Blueprint Magazine

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Love.Obsess.Inspire. (LOI) is a compilation of all the things I love, things I obsess over, and things that inspire me. As an “artsy crafty, party planning, tea drinking, high-heel wearing” designer, I fall in love often, obsess a lot, and find myself constantly inspire.

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