Get Organized for Father’s Day Celebrations

Getting Organized for Father’s Day Celebrations

Fathers are special for a variety of reasons. Some are the strong and silent type, while others greet you with bear hugs at every chance. Some Dads are the ones who will play endless games of catch in the backyard, while others prefer to show their affection while teaching you to master parallel parking. Whether your Dad is a Mr. Fix-It or is your go-to man when you need a bug catcher NOW, the men in our lives deserve to know how much they are cherished. Even the burliest Dads like a little TLC every now and then, so Father’s Day is the perfect time to let your Dad know how much he means to you. Take some time to get organized and plan now, whether you are planning a surprise outing or simply giving him some downtime to enjoy his hobbies. The best gifts often cost the least, and besides, he doesn’t really need that new tie or tool set anyway.

Sarah on “creating traditions”

“I started a tradition for my husband when my first son was born. I organized all of the pictures we had of just the two of them from that first year and created a photo book for him on his first Father’s Day. I called it “World’s Best Dad” and it was a huge hit. Even though my son doesn’t really remember his first year, he and my husband frequently flip through that book and look at photos of them picking out a Christmas tree and swimming at the beach. Four years in there are four editions of the “World’s Best Dad” book. As the boys get older, I look forward to involving them in the picture selection and captions so that they get to put their own stamp on it.”

Alicia on “keeping it simple”

“My father and I had a very close relationship that I will always treasure. Even though he passed away 15 years ago, I still think of him every day. He was such a big influence on my life and I really want my daughter to have that same connection with her father. For me, Father’s Day is about celebrating the bond that my daughter and husband have, so I try to organize something special for the two of them to do together.”

Three more low-cost ways to honor your Dad this year:

1. Jazz Up His Commute.

Chances are that Dad has to drive or take the bus or train to the office, so why not spruce up his commute by making something special for him to listen to while he sits in traffic? Make a CD or an iPod mix of his favorite songs or even better, add some new artists that you think he might like. You’ll be surprised (and he’ll feel like the hippest Dad on the block) the next time your favorite song comes on the radio and he knows all the words.

2. Give Him the Day Off.

Whether he wants the day to play with the kids or needs some time to practice his swing at the driving range, give him the day to do what he wants and you play Dad for the day. Does he normally mow the lawn on Sundays? If so, then lace up your sneakers and cut the grass so he won’t feel behind the next day.

3. Make it a fun, finger-wagging-free day.

Cyndi Lauper said that “girls just wanna have fun,” but we all know that it is the Dads that are the fun-seekers and the biggest kids in our lives. They care about how much fun everyone is having and not how much of a mess they are creating, while Moms can get caught up in the crumbs sometimes. Let Dad have fun without the fear of being scolded. Remember, it’s only one day.