Home Expert: Inside Out – Decorating Your Outdoors To Reflect Your Indoors

Inside Out – Decorating your Outdoors To Reflect Your Indoors

By Kathy Passarette of Creative Home Expressions

As warmer temperatures reach the Northeast, I know that I am eager to start incorporating my outdoor areas into my daily living. Prepping my outdoor areas is high on my list right now. With Summer not far behind, we extend our decorating to the out-of-doors. Just like our interiors, our exteriors can reflect the way we live.

Hedges and fences become walls. We have areas for dining and cooking; seating areas where we visit with guests or take a nap while a cool breeze blows; and areas where we play ~ be it a pool, badminton net or a simple game of catch.

We bring out candles for lighting, dishes for dining, and flowers and plants provide our color. Furnishings and garden ornaments become our décor and reflect our lifestyle ~ just as our interiors do. Just as you put together a plan for how you will use a room in your home the same can be done for your yard.

Cushions and pillows soften outdoor furniture and provide for a comfortable place to sit. Outdoor fireplaces can provide some warmth and extend your outdoor hours on a chilly Summer night. Landscape lighting can be used to accent a beautifully shaped tree, as well as provide ambiance for an evening soiree.

Think about what you have inside your home that makes you feel good and translate it to the outdoors. By decorating your outdoor rooms as you have your indoor you can extend your living space and truly use every area of your home.

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