Cool Find: Never Wait On Hold Again!

Waiting on hold is a real drag, and if you have to call during work time it can be a huge drain on productivity.

I find that even if I put the call on speakerphone so I can continue doing other stuff while I wait, the hold music is distracting. But now there’s LucyPhone, a free service that does the waiting for you.

Here’s how it works: Head to the LucyPhone site and either search for the name of the company you want to contact (LucyPhone has an extensive database), or enter any company’s toll-free number. Then give LucyPhone your own phone number. LucyPhone calls you, and patches you through to the company. When you get put on hold hit ** — your phone will be disconnected but LucyPhone stays on the line. When the call is connected to a real human, LucyPhone calls you back. Try it now!