Monday’s Double Shot: Meet Michelle Slatalla – Working Mom Getting It Done!

Meet Michelle Slatalla.

I first heard of Michelle when I read her recent article in Real Simple Magazine called “10 Secrets Of An Unflappable Mom.” I knew right then she was a “Buttoned Up Girl” and reached out to her for an interview.

Michelle is a working mom.

She writes a column for the NY Times. She has 3 girls ages 21, 19 and 12 and while she currently lives in Mill Valley, CA, she will soon be moving to New York City.

Alicia: What is your philosophy for getting it all done?

Michelle: Mix everything up. Do not separate work and home life. Make it seamless. I am lucky enough to work from home and have done so for 15 years. It is a luxury. But as I am talking to you, I have a contractor in my house giving me bids. It makes multitasking much easier. Flexibility with work is also key as it enables you to layer different things into the same time period.
Don’t be hard on yourself and let things go in any given day.

Alicia: Do you keep a to do list?

Michelle: I keep a to do list on my iPhone in the form of a sticky note application. Any timeI have a few minutes I check my to dos to get something done. I type in the to dos on my phone and when I am done I delete the item which feels great!

Alicia: How do you feel about getting rid of stuff given your upcoming move?

Michelle: It is liberating to get rid of stuff. It is terrible in the moment but the next day I do not even remember what I dropped off at the Goodwill. I feel free when I get rid of stuff I do not need.

Alicia: What are your top tips to help busy multi-tasking women?

1. Make sure everybody is happy starting with YOU! If something is stressing you out stop doing it.

2. Do only the essential things. For example: Meet deadlines, show up at meetings in a calm manner, wear good shoes, and don’t forget to pick up your kids. Everything else is a suggestion!

3. Do not waste the weekends doing chores. If you can afford it, pay to get help (e.g. cleaning lady). Just forget doing things like washing your car. Does that ever really have to get done?