Guest Guru: Rondi – Top Five Reasons to Work From Home

Top Five Reasons to Work From Home

By Rondi of
Many people are choosing to work from the comfort of their home. The five reasons below are the most often given for choosing to telecommute.
• Spend More Time With Family
• A Flexible Work Schedule
• Less Stress and Burn-out
• No Commute to Work
• Reduce Work-related Expenses

Working from home requires self-discipline, motivation and organization. For steps on balancing work and family (and much more), check out the link workathomesuccess or check it out below:

Make a Plan to Work At Home

You have decided you want to work at home but you aren’t sure where to start? This page will help guide you through the process of deciding what you can do to make money at home and making a plan to achieve your goal.
• The first step is to determine what exactly you need to earn while working at home. Its probably a lot less than you earn now working outside the home. It maybe even less than you think if you are currently not working at all. Visit the Cost of Work page to learn how much you pay to work (over 2/3 of my income went to work-related expenses when I worked outside the home). It will also help you determine how much you’ll need to earn working at home plus give you ideas on how to save more making it easier to achieve your goal.

• Next, research different ideas on making money at home. Visit the Home Business Resources page to learn about how to start a business and brainstorm different business ideas. Visit the Business Ideas page to get information on a variety of different businesses. Check out Work-At-Home Opportunities page to see the different opportunities available to you. Visit the At Home Jobs area to learn about how to find a legitimate work-at-home job. Use the Resources to help you learn more about specific home businesses or telecommuting.

• Once you have decided what you’d like to do to earn money from home, develop a plan for reaching your goal. Your plan is your road map that will get from work-at-home wannabe to work-at-home success. Both the Home Business pages and the At Home Jobs pages outline different things you need to research, evaluate and consider as you make your plan of action. The important thing is to do something every day that is related to your goal. It could be as simple as visiting a work-at-home web site or reading a chapter in a work-at-home book. Or maybe you will research information needed for a business or marketing plan.

I enjoy hearing the reasons one choose to telecommute. What are your reasons for working from home?
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