Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: Fighting the Spring Itch.

Picture this:

It is a beautiful Thursday afternoon. You are sitting in lecture looking out the windows watching other students picnicking and frolicking in the beautiful sunshine. Your heart leaps and suddenly you are in a pickle: to go to your next class, or not to go…

We have all been there.

I often read about friends being torn about spending the afternoon indoors working on files whilst the lovely weather beckons. After a treacherous winter, which exhausted every ounce of its welcome, I think we all find ourselves in this common conundrum.

So what is a person to do? It is only natural for one to channel their inner “Ferris Bueller” and play hooky, or as some put it “a mental health day”. But unfortunately, life does not stop for anyone and missing even one lecture can prove to be detrimental.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping yourself motivated when you would really rather be hula-hooping in the sun.

1. Give yourself a break periodically throughout your day.

Allow yourself a leisurely walk around your building or on your lunch break, soaking up the Vitamin D. Instead of scarfing down lunch in the library on campus, take some time to sit in the courtyard or the outside on the steps. Even five minutes of personal time can change your mood drastically.

2. Keep your workspace bright, whether with lamps or preferably sunlight.

While looking at the beautiful weather may seem to be somewhat tempting, the natural light and pretty view can do wonders for not only your state of mind, but also, your productivity.

3. Plan a time to spend outdoors everyday.

Take a morning walk around the block or perhaps after dinner. Or, enjoy your breakfast or dinner on the porch, treating your body and mind to not only scrumptious food, but fresh air as well!

4. Find an outdoor hobby to participate in weekly.

At my university there are a plethora of outdoor intramural sports that play each week, including softball, tennis, and even ultimate frisbee. In most city’s parks and recreation programs, they have opportunities for leagues of all ages. Participating in a scheduled organization will not only motivate you to hold yourself to your commitment, but will also help keep you in shape while having a blast with (new) friends!

5. Take advantage of your moments to be outside.

Even if there happens to be a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo!, I usually attempt to turn off the TV and head outside. From shopping downtown to visiting the farmers market, you are sure to benefit from using your spare time in a creative, inspiring manner. As alluring as it is to plop your feet up on a Saturday afternoon and engulf yourself in TV shows you’ve missed, remember Tivo and the internet make it wonderfully easy to push pause and live your life, saving your favorite shows for later.

Happy Spring!