Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Plan Some Free Time

Liz, the creator of the fantastic blog Bobulate wrote a post recently about our tendency towards “business.” You know, the habit of filling up our schedules to such an extent we never have any free time.

Sound familiar? Do you have a tendency to keep such a full schedule that you don’t have free time? When someone asks how you’ve been, is your first instinct to reply: busy!? Have you ever stopped to think: to what end?

If you’re time-starved, when was the last time you really a creative breakthrough? What are you missing out on because you aren’t taking the time to just stop…and play?

Take a few moments and go read Liz’s post today. Then open up your calendar and figure out what you’re going to delete. Then, when those blank windows appear on your calendar try turning off your computer, switching off the lights, and just going for a walk, or taking a train ride somewhere, or drawing, or whatever you do when you just want to tune out…