Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: Reminders Worth Mentioning.

I have followed the brilliant blog Yes and Yes for quite some time now and have learned, laughed and been encouraged by a multitude of the author Sarah Von’s posts.

A few weeks ago she posted one that I particularly adored featuring a list of reminders about what we don’t have to do…

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From Sarah Von of Yes and Yes:

Another Reminder.

You guys are all smart cookies. And I know that you know this. But sometimes we all need reminders. Reminders about what we can do and also reminders about what we don’t have to do.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to:

* aim for the corner office
* ever own a car again
* apologize for putting yourself first
* shave your legs
* care about American Idol/Grey’s Anatomy/Lost
* feel guilty for caring about American Idol/Grey’s Anatomy/Lost
* go to the bridal shower of that co-worker you don’t really know
* get married
* have kids
* do anything other than be a fantastic wife and mother
* go out on Saturday night
* invest in real estate
* cook
* feel guilty about sleeping late
* go to grad school
* find your dream job immediately following college
* go to college
* tie your ego up in your possessions
* feel like to you need to make excuses for living a life that works for you

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