RSS Feeds

I recently discovered a trick that has truly simplified my life! I used to organize the sites that I visited most in my favorites folder of my internet browser.

I found myself checking sites for updated information throughout the day. Either I would luck out and the site would be updated or I would realize that it hadn’t and would be wasting time. I decided to create a RSS feeder and through the use of the “Refresh All” button, I will no longer be checking for new content and wasting time. Below is a list of simple steps to organize your most frequently visited internet content:

1. Download a RSS feeder, like NetNewswire (Mac), if you don’t have a Mac, try Google Reader, which is also great!
2. Visit all the news sites, blogs (Buttoned Up!), twitter accounts, etc that you find yourself visiting everyday. Find the RSS feed button and copy and paste the URL into the RSS feed through the subscribe button. It takes just a couple seconds and you will see your information populate in a list format.
3. I then organized all of my information into categories, such as News, Blogs, Pop Culture, Topics, etc.

Each day, just visit the RSS feeder and press the Refresh All button and you will be up to date on the latest information in real time! I hope you enjoy the RSS function as much as I do!