Using What I Have!

I came across a great tip recently that simply said, “Use up what you have.” I read it over and over again, because it was just so simple and gave me such a calm feeling that I vowed to give this a try.

I’ve made this simple tip a reality by beginning with the following areas.

1. Bathroom – I have what seems like a million products, either purchased by me or gifted to me by makeup counters or at events. I’ve decided to use what they have given me. I figure at the very least it will save me money for a few months and I could discover a great new find!

2. Closet – Certain items in my closet have found a permanent home without ever being worn. I have told myself over and over that I will eventually wear them, but then never do. With my new mindset, I’m trying to be more creative to incorporate these items into my life. (There was one item, with the tags still on, that I just really couldn’t see myself wearing, and so donation was the way to go). Overall, I feel great trying to switch up my wardrobe!

3. Kitchen – This is a great area to really apply this mindset, especially before items go bad. The other day, I noticed that my eggs were one day from expiring so I decided to make hard-boiled eggs. Challenging yourself to use the can of soup you have had forever in a recipe is a fun way to make a new meal.

Overall by using what you already have I have found myself saving money, being a little more creative (in the kitchen and in my closet) and the best part about it is I feel great knowing I’m cutting down on clutter!

What other areas would work great here? I love hearing different ideas!