Book Excerpt: The Moment Jars by Mark Freid

A couple of weeks ago, Kristen wrote about a wonderful discovery of hers, The Moment Jars. Mark Freid has kindly consented to allowing us to post a small excerpt and host a giveaway of his wonderful book, The Moment Jars.

“Samuel loved the smell of the Moments. They smelled like springtime. Or licorice. He loved the sound his wool socks made as he slid across the cold concrete floor. Loved the light that streamed through the windows from the east and south, through the rungs of the eight-foot wooden ladder, making a tangle of yellow rectangles on the floor. There was a card table under the east window, a metal chair, a gooseneck lamp. The book cases, of course. And 4,770 neatly labeled glass jars upon them. This was his life.”

And so begins the story of The Moment Jars, a tale of Samuel and his son, Joshua, as they embark on a road trip to recapture a moment of Samuel’s life. Literally.”

Book Cover Resized

To learn more about The Moment Jars, and to create your own, go to You will not be disappointed!