Guru Question: I am of the age that frequent visits to new Doctors require that I compelte medical History…

“I am of the age that frequent visits to new Doctors require that I complete medical history. I recently came accross an article in womens day mag. about a Pocket.doc that could be the answer to my concern.
Do you have info on this product—such as how do you transfer your history to the card.”

A. Believe me Ted, I do know what you are talking about. The older we get, the more history we have and the more we simply just forget to tell the doctor or write it on the medical history form. The Pocket.doc is ideal for having immediate information right at your fingertips – information such as your primary physician and contact info, allergies, medications, insurance, immunizations, important contacts and who to contact in case of an emergency. It’s simple to fill in, just fill in the blanks – nothing complicated.

However, if your physician requires a lengthy health history, we suggest you look into our Life.doc (where you can track your history and just bring that section with you to to the Doctor’s office) or for long term or chronic illness the Medical.doc would be ideal (details of the illness, insurance, correspondence, treatments, medications, tests, etc.)

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