Thursday’s Carrot: Breathe In, Breathe Out: How to Let Go of Stress

We all have that feeling of exhaustion when we are under constant stress.

We have either been putting too much energy into something that’s not worth it, and/or we have too few things in our lives that provide us with nourishing energy to “recharge our batteries.”

So ask yourself:

  1. Which activities are draining you that you need to let go of?
  2. Which activities will energize you that you need to do more of?

Sometimes we drain ourselves by doing too much analyzing or controlling of situations, doing too much role-playing instead of expressing how we really feel, or taking life too seriously. Whatever it is that drains us, it might be helpful to get insight from a good friend, partner, or therapist, because sometimes we don’t realize the true cause of our exhaustions. We can sometimes be blind to them, but it can be very clear to other people. Also, when in these exhausting situations, we should acknowledge how hopeless it may be, how strong we really are, and how supportive/unsupportive other people can be.

We can put more energy into our lives by just trying to be more relaxed, spontaneous, and kind. Also, I’ve noticed exercise has helped me in relieving my frustrations and feeling more at ease. Some people do yoga – I might give that a try next!

Do you have any good insights on helping one survive and heal stress? Please share your comments below!